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Unlock higher profits and steady cash flow.

Accounting, tax, and bookkeeping services for growth-minded small businesses.

Need Your 2022 Taxes Done?

Tax season is here! If you’re looking for straight-forward pricing, convenience, and peace of mind, we’ve got you covered!

Looking for a local company to do your taxes? We’re located in Monument, Colorado.

Outsource Your Accounting Needs

Operate with More Certainty

Achieve Your Financial Goals

Working too hard for too little? We get it.


Ever-growing expenses

Unsteady cash flow

Employees depending on you

Need more cash to grow

Wearing too many hats

Long hours for too little money

Your business has a compass. It’s your numbers.

According to the SBA, there were 32.5 million small businesses in the U.S. as of 2021. We’re one of them, just like you. More than 20% fail within the first year. Almost 50% fail within the first five years.


Your numbers point the way to success. The shortest path to failure is making it up as you go. Our 20 years of business financial experience can guide you.

Intuit Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor Advanced Online
Intuit Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor Advanced Online
Intuit Quickbooks ProAdvisor Program Elite
Pure Bookkeeping Certified
Shopify Partner
Shopify Partner

3 Steps to a Financially Healthy Business


Tell us about your business, and let’s get to know each other.



Learn the financial strengths & weaknesses of your business.


Follow a clear path to a more profitable, higher cash-flowing business.


As a small business owner I have learned to focus my attention on the tasks that build my business and source out those items that bog me down. That’s why I hired Incline Accounting! Cathy is excellent at what she does and I am happy to say that I no longer worry about whether or not my books are in order. I love working with Cathy and recommend her to all of my friends!

Julie A.

I would highly recommend Incline Accounting for all your accounting needs.

Chip M.

You could just be compliant.

Compliance work like bookkeeping and tax prep checks the boxes but doesn’t move the needle on its own.

A clean set of books is like a rear-view mirror for your business. It shows where you’ve already been but not where to go next.

We can help you turn that around and use your numbers to look forward. We take the time to learn your business, read what the numbers are saying, and help you achieve your goals.

How We Help You Grow a Financially Healthy Business

Our services include:

  • Business Financial Strategy
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Tax Preparation & Filing

You’ll have a clear picture of the financial health of your business and what to do next to help you achieve your goals.

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